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At FATECH, we’re experts in the fields of industrial automation, commercial automation and environmental technology. Whether we’re designing and developing software and hardware, installing advanced industrial process control systems, or conducting training seminars for technical staff, we bring experience, knowledge and dedication to every project.

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Vision System Solutions

Several types of inspections in one single system.

Traceability Solutions

Production metrics, inventory control, revenue forecasting and process management.

Factory Safety Solutions

Ensure ZERO accident.

Robots Solutions

Saving cost and maximize your productivity with Universal Robots series

Machine Design

FATECH integrates practical experience and proven expertise in designing for assembly in today’s manufacturing environments.

Technical Support

Offering all over the world best TECHNICAL SUPPORT information for customer’s issue in the manufacturing field.

Our Core Services


Our consultants bring you deep understanding of automation challenges – and experience in addressing them. We help optimize system investments, so you can focus on asset performance, regulatory compliance, real-time control and more.


FATECH offers industrial designing as part of a comprehensive product development package or as a stand-alone service. Presently, we are equipped with the latest cutting-edge machinery and technology necessary to provide an optimal Designing Services to our customers. We extend our 3D Services during the Designing stages, producing a prototype which allows customers to view their ideas in a tangible form.


We offer a suite of services including repair, sales, technical support, cloud-based machine backup, in-house and on-site training, and extended service agreements. We provide quick and accurate problem resolution whether you use our online manuals, email, telephone, or on-site field service.

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Latest News about our Industry

Automation is the competitive advantage you need

Manufacturers around the world are turning to automation to help solve labor shortages, increase productivity and improve product quality. Collaborative robots provide a cost-effective, flexible, and safe automation solution for a wide range of production tasks.

Cognex Introduces its Newest Vision System

Cognex Corporation (NASDAQ: CGNX), the world’s leader in machine vision, today introduced the new In-Sight® 7000 series, a suite of ultra-rugged, highly modular standalone vision systems. The second generation In-Sight 7000 series represents a breakthrough in performance, flexibility and ease of integration.

Keyence – All in One Vision system

KEYENCE’s new and unique 8-wavelength multi-spectrum ring-lighting technology combines with its industry leading high-speed monochrome cameras and advanced hardware & software for vision systems that offer unprecedented flexibility in synchronised lighting, colour control, segmented lighting, and high-speed image capture – with uncomplicated system integration.

What is Industry 4.0?

From smartphones to smart fridges, technology has played a major role in advancing most areas of our everyday lives – but it is also transforming the world of industry. Industry 4.0 is the label given to the gradual combination of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices with the increasingly technological world around us..

5G Tech applied AGVs

Using 5G could allow ASTI to centralise the guidance algorithms currently implemented on the AGVs, increasing machine intelligence and supporting new coordination mechanisms — not currently viable with today’s solutions — that would optimise manufacturing processes

Gortite® VF Automated Machine Safety Door

Dynatect’s Gortite VF (Vertical Fabric) Door has been conceived to safely isolate hazardous operations from other industrial processes, material, equipment, and people, while still allowing access to it. The door is installed in conjunction with existing machine guard panels on each side of the door to enhance the separation of environments further.